harvest INTERNATIONAL® silage additives

The forage’s quality is a key factor to successful dairy farming – not only regarding the animals’ performance but their health as well. Our silage additives harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo s, harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus and harvest INTERNATIONAL® pH are able to specifically control the fermentation, the silage’s quality is enhanced.

All products are GMO-free. harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo s can be used for organic farming.

harvest INTERNATIONAL® duo s

The combination of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria and a tried and tested Lentilactobacillus buchneri (formerly Lactobacillus buchneri) converts this product into a true all-rounder. A starter strain assures a secured lowering of the pH-value. This is a fundamental requirement for the presence of the acetic acid (produced by the Lentilactobacillus buchneri) with a yeast and fungus inhibiting function in silage. The secured pH-value lowering and enhanced stability after opening not only protects nutrients during fermentation, but also protects nutrients during the feeding phase.

  • fast and efficient pH reduction
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • increases contents of both lactic and acetic acid
  • extended aerobic stability
  • suitable for grass, grass-clover, corn and GPS from 30 % DM
  • 200 g treat 100 tonnes of forage

DE-ÖKO-006, FiBL-listed

may be used in organic production in
accordance with Regulation (EC) 2018/848

harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus

Using Lentilactobacillus buchneri (formerly Lactobacillus buchneri) to improve the stability of silages normally entails a slower fermentation, which results in an increase in dry matter losses. The strain of Lentilactobacillus buchneri used in harvest INTERNATIONAL® plus is different, as it does not only produce acetic acid, but also a sizable amount of lactic acid:

  • DLG category 2, improves the aerobic stability
  • increases contents of both lactic and acetic acid
  • efficient fermentation
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • suitable for grass, maize and whole plant silages from 30 % DM
  • 100 g treat 100 tonnes of forage or 500 g treat 500 tonnes of forage


Homofermentative lactic acid bacteria accelerate the lowering of the pH, thus safeguarding the fermentation – for example in adverse conditions (low-sugar forages, wet forages, forages containing only a small number of natural microorganisms). In any case they lower dry matter losses, nutrients like protein and sugar are preserved.

  • DLG category 1, improves the fermentation
  • DLG category 4, improves feed value and performance
  • fast and efficient pH reduction
  • reduces dry matter losses
  • increases digestibility and feed intake
  • suitable for all types of forages
  • 75 g treat 50 tonnes of forage or 450 g treat 300 tonnes of forage